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Feeling Stressed, Ignored, and Lost?

Time to Remix Your Mindset 

Whether it's school stress, friendship drama, or just feeling lost,  I am here to be your go-to coach support until you have the skills to support yourself. Let's turn this ship around, find your groove, and show that the bottom is not the final destination. Together, we'll rise above and rewrite the story.

All Things Are Possible.

Is New Bucket Coaching Right For You?

Let's Find Out!

Are You ...

Struggling to understand and navigate your emotions 

Our whole person approach recognizes the importance of emotional well-being. Coach G helps you navigate stress, anxiety, and emotional challenges, providing you with coping strategies and fostering resilience. Providing tools to help connect, understand, and regulate your feelings.

Find it challenging to find a home/school/work-life balance 

Coach G provides tools to build routines to help manage school/work/life will reduce stress and anxiety and build confidence in your ability to manage your life.

Find it difficult to build healthy relationships at school and home

Coach G focuses on building a sense of self and, from this, confidence. Following this you can learn how to find and connect with people who build us up rather than tear us down and feel good to be around.

Struggling at school

I understand the significance of academic achievement in shaping your future. I work hand-in-hand with you to develop effective study habits, improve organizational skills, and enhance overall academic performance. Turning struggle into success.

Struggling to make decisions and achieve goals

Understanding what’s blocking us from making decisions and building confidence in ourselves is key to effective decision-making. Setting realistic goals is a skill like any other, and Coach G provides tools to set reachable goals without the stress of success or failure.

Feel overwhelmed and anxious from the pressure to succeed at school and home

Every young person is unique, and as a coach I understand the importance of tailored support. I work closely with my clients to identify their strengths, interests, and goals, designing a customized coaching plan that fosters your personal and academic success without the stress.

If you said yes to any of the above statements, you are in the

right place.


Reach out to Coach G for a 15-Minute Discovery Call to See What New Bucket Coaching Can Do For You. 

Smiling Student
“G was personable and I never felt judged and could always speak my mind. No topic was off limits. Coaching with G gave me time and space to think things through. By nature, I was always driven by logic, and clear about what ‘should’ be done, and coaching with G taught me to pause and listen to my inner voice and think about what I want from a different perspective. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend G as a coach”

- Yasin


I understand life can be a rollercoaster of emotions; sometimes, those emotions can be challenging to manage when they come at you all at once. But no worries – I've got your back!


I understand the challenges teens like you face in this crazy, fast-paced world. My approach is about being there for you, understanding what you're going through, and using life tools to help you figure out your feelings, boost your strength, and rock this journey through life's ups and downs. 

Book Your FREE 15-Minute Discovery Call and See Why New Bucket Coaching is Right For You.

35 Crerar Boulevard, Kingston Ontario


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