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Services Offered

“... G helps you bring out challenges/goals/dreams/issues and is very supportive and reflective in helping explore these in a friendly and professional way. I’d highly recommend his services to anyone looking for a business/life coach who will take this approach and not push their own agenda/experience.” 

- Andy

How Coaching Works

Who I Coach

I coach individuals from diverse backgrounds, cultures, beliefs, and gender identities. I also specialize in coaching teens and students aged 15 and up—details on the student page.

What I Coach

I use tailored coaching tools to help you identify and achieve your goals. My approach, rooted in emotional intelligence, mental fitness, and core energy coaching, guides you to discover your authentic self and embrace life from a fresh perspective.

How I Coach

Make a Plan

First, choose you! It’s that simple. Next, reach out, and let’s set up a Free 15-minute discovery call followed by a 1-hour, no-commitment discovery coaching session.

You are always at choice. Explore various coaching programs to fit your preferences. I'm here to guide, answer questions, assist with paperwork, and schedule your first session, either in-person or online, day or evening, catering to your needs.


So, you've found yourself here. You're in the right place. All is Possible. Start with a 15-minute discovery call followed by your FREE 1-hour Discovery session with Coach G. Then choose the right program for you. Each is designed to get to know your inner self at your own pace, with G there alongside to guide you. All is possible.

What is The ELI Assessment?

E.L.I Assessment Badge

The Energy Leadership Index (ELI) is a behavioural assessment designed to provide deep insights into how, and most importantly, why you perform in life the way you do.

Developed by industry experts, this assessment is backed by years of research and has helped countless individuals overcome obstacles and achieve unprecedented levels of success.


To learn more, check out the official ELI Assessment page here:

Unlock Your Full Potential with the Energy Leadership Index Assessment™

"How useful would it be to have a roadmap to yourself?"  - G

Policies and Processes


All fees to be paid in full in advance or on the day of the chosen coaching package.

Payment can be made by debit or credit card.

Cancellations/ Refunds

Any cancelations for a pre-scheduled appointment must be made at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled appointment time to be re-scheduled free of charge. Except for emergency situations, as agreed upon by New Bucket Coaching, cancelling within 24 hours will be billed at the regular session rate.


Client confidentiality for all of our communications and coaching sessions with our clients is of paramount importance to New Bucket Coaching and will be maintained at all times. A full description of this will be contained within the Client Informed Consent Form that you will be asked to sign at the commencement of professional coaching.


Professional coaching sessions can be conducted in person at the business location of New Bucket Coaching, virtually using secure video conferencing software, or over the phone. Options for in-person coaching at other locations can be discussed with your coach (extra fees for travel time, etc. may be applied).

*In-person location — please note we are not currently wheelchair accessible



Please note that we are NOT able to offer crisis services. For immediate assistance please attend your local hospital Emergency Department, call 911 or your local crisis line.


For Kingston, Ontario residents, these are your crisis options.


Please call 911 for immediate assistance.

Crisis Line

Frontenac, Lennox and Addington (AMHS-KFLA) 

24 Hour Crisis Line -


Kingston/Frontenac -

24 Hour Crisis Line -


Kingston General Hospital

Emergency Department -  


76 Stuart Street, Kingston, ON  K7L 2V7

24-Hour Kids Help Phone




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