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All Things Are Possible

New Bucket Coaching  

Life Coaching for Those Seeking Personal Growth  

"G is very intuitive and seems to always know the right question to get to the heart of the matter. In my time working with G, I can truly say I have been changed. Working with G has been a gift."

- Courtney

Why Choose New Bucket Coaching

If you've found yourself here, certain aspects of your life likely don't align with your wants and goals, leaving you feeling lost, defeated, and hopeless. It is exhausting. Rest assured, you're in the right place.

At New Bucket Coaching, I work closely with you, guiding you toward a deeper understanding of yourself because I believe lasting change starts with self-awareness. In your one-on-one sessions with Coach G, you'll receive valuable tools to shift your perspective, stay accountable and embark on a more fulfilling life.


It starts with you. All things are possible.

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 ❝ I believe in human kindness and the power and possibility of one person to help another. All things are possible. Be kind to yourself today. It's been tough, but be kind. You deserve it. ❞ 

- Coach G

The Bucket Philosophy

Life can be bloody tough, guys. It takes its toll, punching holes in our metaphorical buckets. Ever notice how your energy leaks out, leaving you feeling drained? You try topping up, but the damn water keeps escaping. Soon, your resilience is shot, and you're stuck in a rut, only seeing problems, not solutions.

Been there, done that. I was lost, carrying around an old, grey, leaky bucket. Hit rock bottom and even had surgery. Then it hit me. Why bother with a leaky bucket? Time for a new bucket that is colorful, strong, and resilient. I was the same me but with a different perspective.

This isn’t about fixing yourself; it's a wake-up call. A realization that it's not what you do; it's how you show up in this crazy world.

A New Bucket screams new awareness to know who you are authentically and the choice to lead with power in your thoughts, feelings, and actions. It's your call. Your freedom to believe that all things are possible.

Make it count.


New Bucket Coaching offers one-on-one coaching sessions tailored to meet your unique wants and goals. Whether you're looking to make a major life change or want to improve your overall well-being, I have the right program to help you get there.

New Bucket Coaching Explore Yellow

Exploration Program

Flexible pay-as-you-go session with Coach G. 


 The Explore program is designed for those intrigued by the potential of coaching and seeking the freedom to decide the number of sessions needed to reach their goals.

New Bucket Coaching Commit Green

Discover Program

Includes 2 sessions with Coach G, and the ELI assessment with a 2-hour debrief session.


The Discover Program is designed for those ready to dive in and discover the truths shaping their current life, pinpointing obstacles to progress.

New Bucket Coaching Discover Blue

Commitment Program

Includes 10 sessions with Coach G, and the ELI assessment with a

2-hour debrief session.


The Commitment Program is designed for individuals ready to cease indecision and wholeheartedly commit to the transformative process of change.

 ❝ New Bucket Coaching works on your timeline at your own pace. It's like having a coach in your pocket that works for you. ❞

 - Coach G

Let's Hear From Clients

 testimonial New Bucket Coaching Gordon Robinson
“Teenage years aren’t easy.  My son was struggling and needed someone to talk to, someone who was not a parent, teacher, or another teenager. When I searched the web, I found New Bucket Coaching.  Coaching was something new to us, and I had no idea if it would work, but we noticed an immediate change.  Our son came home that very first night and totally opened up to us. Gordon offers something every teenager needs – a safe space to talk”  

 -Barbara (Sam's Mum)

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