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Meet Your New Coach

❝ Nobody should have to feel lost, alone or defeated. Many of us experience it at one time or another. But you will be found, you are not alone, and you can rise up from defeat and start again. ❞

- Coach G

Meet Coach G

Hello, I am Gordon Robinson; just call me ‘G,’ Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and founder of New Bucket Coaching. I am an IPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching) trained coach with a background in psychology (BSc Hons) from Keele University in the UK. I am an ICF (International Coaching Federation) Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with over 17 years of experience working as an alternative educator and much more, working with people from all walks of life.

My core values are kindness, honesty, resilience, courage, and empathy.

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Gordon Robinson Life Coach New Bucket Coaching

My Approach

At New Bucket Coaching, I believe that all things are possible. Everyone has the potential to lead a fulfilling and happy life. My approach is to help you identify the things that matter most to you and create a plan to achieve them. With guidance, you'll be able to make the perspective changes needed to live the life you've always dreamed of.

Gordon Robinson with student client

The Process

Long-lasting change begins with knowing who you really are. Our one-on-one sessions are safe spaces to grow beyond your current limitations are really look within. Coach G helps you understand your emotions and provides tools that you can use every day to walk the path toward accomplishing your goals, living the life you want, and creating boundaries within your life to live a happier, more fulfilled life.

Free One Hour Discovery Session

 The first session is meant to get to know each other and yourself better. In our sessions, we have a collaborative exploration where you set the pace. The spotlight is on you, and I'm here to be your dedicated guide, adapting to your rhythm and preferences. Think of it as a conversation where you take the lead, sharing your thoughts, goals, and challenges. I'm not here to dictate; I'm here to support, encourage, and help you navigate the path you choose. It's your narrative, and I'm just the co-pilot, ready to assist as we chart the course together. 

Pick Your Program

We dive a little deeper into your goals, wants, and barriers and explore ways to achieve and overcome those that work for your life and lifestyle. Together, we will create a roadmap to where you want to be and find realistic ways to get there.

My Coaching Values


Curious if coaching is right for you or have questions lets answer them in the no commitment discovery call and session.


Virtual and in-person options for coaching with day and evening appointments to meet your busy schedule.


As an ICF member I follow a strict code of ethics to protect the privacy and rights of you as a client. All new clients sign a Client Informed Consent Form detailing the roles and rights of both client and the coach.

Get to know me,
and New Bucket Coaching
a little better.

My Personal Story 

All the best life coaches have lived a lot of life  
– Coach G

I have lived a life. Some good and a lot not so much. At least that was how I felt until I changed my perspective.


See that X-ray image over there. Who knew some screws and a little titanium plate could change my perspective. I joke about it now, but on the other side of the surgeon's knife, I know it was a choice, a choice that changed my perspective, and I have made it my mission to bring that realization to as many people as I can now.


So, a little about me. I was born and raised on a farm just outside of Durham City in the Northeast of England and moved to live in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, over 20 years ago. I am a husband and a very proud father.


My background is diverse, like most people now. I have been a farmer, barman, student, immigrant, museum curator, educator, consultant, and now a professional coach. So, if you're looking for life experience on the resume for a great coach, I have that along with the education.


Utilizing this diverse background, education and experience of over 40+ years allows me to put 100% of me into my work with you as a professional coach. I am an optimist, a believer in change from within, and mindful of what we can accomplish every new day.


I have an innate curiosity about the lives of my clients and look forward to walking your new path with you as your professional coach.


I am all in. All in for all of us.

- G

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Gordon Robinson of New Bucket Coaching
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